Polished stone stack bracelets

Polished stone stack bracelets

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Who doesn't love a stack?

Select your favorite stones and stack them up! I always wear 3-5 on my wrist at a time. I mix and match them with gold and silver as well. These give you that boho vibe but also are good for your vibe! 

Choose from: 

  • Dalmation Jasper (black/white speckle)
  • Amazonite (light green/blue)
  • Picture Jasper (neutral tan color)
  • Indian (green variations)
  • Red Sandstone (Sparkly rust color)
  • Olive Jade (light jade color)
  • Blue Emperor Stone (turquoise color)
  • Green Emperor Stone (Teal green color)
  • Sesame Red (deep burnt red color)
  • Red Turquoise (mix of dark reds and greens)
  • Shoushan Stone (creamy ivory and light blue swirl)
  • Howlite (white/black swirl)
  • Onyx (solid deep black)
  • Purple Emperor Stone (purple/white striations)
  • Greenspot Jasper (green/white)
  • Red Network Jasper (pinky grey swirl)
  • Unakite (olive green/peach swirl)
  • Agate (white/caramel/black swirl) 

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